What is 'a Seeker'?

In the words of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi;

"Seekers are that special category of people who are aware that they have to seek something more than material well-being, or power, or the so-called pleasures of life.

"There is a special category born out of the people who have had this seeking before they came on this Earth. They worked it out, and today they are ready to receive the knowledge.

"This knowledge is not the knowledge that you can know through your brains. Whatever you can know through your brains is limited, because the capacity of your brain is limited. You have to have a higher sensitivity to know this knowledge."

'The Seeker' is the magazine for the seekers of truth.

The Seeker - Issue 01

You can read issue 01 below (please click the image to the right), or at this link.



The Seeker - Issue 02

You can read below (please click the image to the left), or view online / download issue 02 at this link.